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You can opt for regular polish or no polish with a regular manicure. Regular polish takes a very long time to dry and chips easily if clients work predominantly with their hands. Wear time will depend on different lifestyles.


  • For clients who want to maintain the integrity of their nails

  • For clients who like to change colors often because nail polish is easily removed with acetone 

  • For clients who need to take a break from nail enhancements

  • Not recommended for designs on regular polish. Please opt for Gel Manicures or nail enhancements (dip/acrylic) if you would like designs

(Also known as Shellac, Gel, Soft Gel)



Gel polish is used in this manicure. Gel polish is just a polish that has better staying power than regular polish and needs to be cured by using an LED/UV lamp. Gel polish is dried instantly so there is no chance of it messing up after completing the service. Gel polish can last anywhere from 7-21 days depending on your lifestyle. 


  • For clients who do not want any length or artificial enhancements added to their nails but want the color to last on their real nails

  • Gel polish dries instantly after your service so you will not mess up the polish after leaving

  • Gel is removed by soaking off with acetone. We individually wrap each finger with foil and cotton to ensure the least exposure of acetone to maintain the integrity of your nails

  • You can do freehand art on gel nails

  • CANNOT do encapsulation or ombre on gel nails

(Also known as Full Set, Refill, Color Powder, Overlay)


Acrylic is powder. Applied with liquid monomer (the purple liquid) and a brush with a bead of powder at the tip. Cuticle trim + hand massage can be added for additional charge.

  • For clients seeking to wear long nails or do a lot of designs

  • Acrylic powder is the most durable form of nail enhancement that we currently offer

  • Acrylic needs to be properly soaked off with acetone to maintain the integrity of natural nails

  • Removal time is longer because of the durability of acrylic powder. 

  • Acrylic nails can be refilled depending on the durability/integrity of the current set


For ‘regular shaping’ at NO additional cost, the shapes include square, rounded square, and rounded shape.

For ‘special shaping’ at an additional cost, the shapes include almond, coffin, ballerina, stiletto, tapered/narrow square, narrow oval. Please be aware that these different shapes require certain lengths in order to be able to execute the shaping correctly. Failure to allocate enough length for certain shapes might cause over-filing on the sides of the natural nail bed which potentially could cause permanent damage to the nail beds, bleeding, and soreness. 

For length, our prices start at $5 and can go up to $20 additional depending on how long the nails are. Length charges are relative due to the contrasting uniqueness of an individual’s nail bed and does not constitute a fixed price depending on how long the nail is from the free edge. It has to do so more for how much product is used and the time it takes to mold the nail enhancement into the correct shape with that length.   

*Refills on acrylic might still be subjected to a length charge even if you started the appointment with that original length. This is due to the time that the technician spends on correcting the shape, adding thickness to the apex & tips to prevent breakage, and correcting structure if the nails are starting to curve as they grow longer.



If you are needing a nail fix or have any issues with your nails, please call us to schedule an appointment to come in and get it fixed. We offer a 7-day guarantee on nail fixes that constitutes gel/polish chipping, breakage if the original set of nail enhancements done at our salon were too thin, or any issue that might be related to the application during the appointment/service. This DOES cover nail fixes due to breakage from excessive force (I.E nails cracked and bleeding due to blunt force), inherent disfiguring of the nail enhancement (I.E biting, filing your own nails at home). 

If you cannot come in within the 7 days to get your nails fixed, please contact us as soon as you notice any issues so that we can accommodate your next visit. Any issues that are brought up past the 7 day period, will be subjected to charge.

Please reach out to us for any issues with your services as we are always willing to help.


We have so many talented technicians who specialize in different areas of art ranging from abstract, free-handed, encapsulation, ombre, and so on. In order to be able to serve you best, please have a photo-ready of the design that you would like, or browse our Instagram at @Dermacarekaty for inspo pics. We recommend sending us a DM on IG or a text at (713)461-2273 to quote the design as prices vary for each design. 


We ALWAYS use new pedicure tub liners and disposable files, pumice, and buffers after every client. Metal tools like cuticle nippers, pushers, and foot files are soaked in Barbicide for their recommended period of time and then sterilized by our dry heat autoclave machine.

Our pedicures come in a variety of options ranging from different scrubs to different massages. If you are looking for more of a basic pedicure that’s quick, low maintenance and gentle, we recommend our Texas Tea & Bay Breeze Pedicures. If you prefer more massage time and need extra care with your pedicure like callus treatment and exfoliation, we recommend starting at the Sunrise Punch Pedicure and going up from there depending on preference.

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