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About me

Lover of Nails & Boba 

Hey, I'm Trish – your nail art enthusiast and lover of all things creative! Nail art is my playground, and I'm here to turn your nails into individual works of art. With each stroke, I pour my passion and creativity into crafting designs that speak to your unique style. 💅 Nails Unleashed: From intricate florals to trendy geometric shapes, I adore creating nail art that reflects your personality. Your nails become the canvas, and I'm the artist making them truly one-of-a-kind. 🎨 Beyond the Brushes: My creative exploration doesn't stop at nails. I'm a makeup aficionado, hair experimenter, and fashion chameleon – always on the lookout for new ways to express beauty. 🍹 Boba Aficionado: When I'm not wielding my nail brushes, you might find me sipping on boba tea. It's my little indulgence that fuels my creativity and keeps me inspired. 🌿 Nature's Embrace: Nature is my wellspring of inspiration. I infuse its colors and textures into my art, and I'm committed to eco-friendly practices that honor our planet. 📚 Lifelong Learner: Staying ahead in the nail art game is my mission. Trends and techniques? I'm always on top of them, making sure you get the latest and greatest. Let's embark on a journey of self-expression together. Book an appointment, and let's make your nails shine – just like that perfect boba tea! 💅🎨🍹

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