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if you’re running 10 or more minutes late to your appointment, please call the salon at (713)461-2273 so we can best hold your spot and accommodate your reservations. Usually, if you’re past that 10-minute mark without letting us know, we will try our best to accommodate you but it will be taken based on availability and the appointment(s) will be considered a walk-in. 

There is no cancellation fee but we do ask that you call us and let us know that you won’t be able to make your appointment so we will be able to accommodate other guests. 


Please contact the salon for group bookings.

4 Guests ($100 Deposit)
8 Guests ($200 Deposit)
10+ Guests ($300+ Deposit )

Deposit is refundable or transferable IF:

  • Appointment is canceled BEFORE 24 hours of the appointment date

  • Appointment is canceled within 24 hours of the appointment date with any type of proof of emergency with the name of the person who is booking the appointment. (Acceptable Proof: Doctors Note WITH your name & date. For car accidents, please provide a police report note WITH your name & date)

  • If the full deposit is not fully used at the time of the appointment, it will be saved to the client’s profile to be used for future services.

  • You can use the deposit to pay for other members of your party during that appointment.

Deposit is NON refundable and NON transferrable when:

  • 50% of the party is late to their appointment by more than 15 minutes of their scheduled appointment time. (Please call us if you’re running late so we may try to accommodate you accordingly.)

  • 50% of the party does not make it to their reservation on the time & day of the appointment. (Please call us 24 hours before your reservation if there are any members of your party who will not make it to the reservation)


If you are needing a nail fix or have any issues with your nails, please call us to schedule an appointment to come in and get it fixed free of charge. We offer a flexible 7 day guarantee on nail fixes that constitutes gel/polish chipping, breakage if the original set of nail enhancements done at our salon were too thin, or any issue that might be related to the application during the appointment/service. This DOES cover nail fixes due to breakage from excessive force (I.E nails cracked and bleeding due to blunt force), inherent disfiguring of the nail enhancement (I.E biting, filing your own nails at home). 

If you cannot come in within the 7 days to get your nails fixed, please contact us as soon as you notice any issues so that we can accommodate your next visit. Any issues that are brought up past the 7 day period, will be subjected to charge.

Please reach out to us for any issues with your services as we are always willing to help. 

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